Enhancing natural walking

Move your whole way with Rollkers!

Walk naturally and move TWICE as FAST

Rollkers are the ideal personal mobility device.

Walk naturally

Like on a travellator, no training required.

Move up to 7mph

Feet driven for getting your own speed, braking or accelerating.

Stabilized, reassuring

No loss of balance, feeling quite safe.

At your feet all trip long

Do not carry Rollkers, they carry you everywhere: just stock it beside you

Usefully connected

Customize YOUR Rollkers from the eRollkers application, and get your own statistics

How does it work ?

  • Hands free putting in/out

  • Electronic controller for stabilization & assistance

  • Intelligent algorithm for by-feet driving

  • Powerful servomotor & batteries

  • 3 sizes + manual adjustment for fitting shoes

  • Harvest muscular energy for saving battery

  • Wireless synchronisation left-right

3D Design by 3D Swipe

Latest News

Rollkers at the Dubaï World Expo 2021

Dubaï World Expo, Oct 1 2021 - Mar 31 2022
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Rollkers at Bercy !

Thanks to the Bercy team which invited us !
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Rollkers at Bercy !

Rollkers at the Open Innovation IHM

Come to discover Rollkers on June 9th at the Open Innovation IHM Community, Carreau du Temple , Paris, underground Room...
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Rollkers at the Open Innovation IHM

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Phone: +33 680 918 181

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